Privacy Policy

In compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation, the following is our policy in relation to how we handle the data we hold about our members and those on our mailing and e-mailing lists. 

music@stansted holds a limited amount of personal data, typically names, addresses and in some cases email addresses, and an age identifier for concession entitlement. We only hold this data in order to communicate on matters relevant to our activities as a music club and to manage subscriptions. Details are kept securely and we undertake not to sell or give personal data to any third party. We undertake not to use it to cause any inconvenience or annoyance, for instance by promoting any third party goods or services. We undertake to delete any or all of any person's data immediately on request. Those on our membership and mailing lists can of course at any time ask to see what data about them we hold.  We will remind them of their right to update or correct the data on an annual basis.

Mailing lists are maintained by the membership secretary and are updated annually from information provided when subscriptions are paid and on an 'ad hoc' basis.

The data is made available only to other committee members to assist in the management of the club's business, including the annual subscription collection process.

The data is held securely on a computer by the membership secretary. Every reasonable effort is made to protect the data collected, including a regular back-up held separately.

Annual membership records will be deleted after six years at the latest and any paper copies made for general management and subscription collection will be shredded as soon as they are no longer needed.